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Why Therapy?

Therapy is a pro active method of dealing with life situations that can lead to:

  • Confusion
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep Problems
  • Confidence issues
  • Relationship issues etc

Results of Therapy

A trained and experienced therapist helps the client explore and understand the situation and come up with more effective ways of dealing with them leading to:

  • Emotional Balance
  • Clarity of thought
  • Effective behaviour

This results in resilience and long term solution

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Time and space no longer are deterrents to your psychological health with Therapy now available in person or online as per your preferance.

There is no one shoe fits all and depending on the client and the situation an integrated approach to therapy is used, leading to more effective and faster results.

Therapy, Psychological Testing and Training all available under one roof.  Getting psychological help was never so easy.



It is worth taking. It one of the best coaching i have ever taken and it has also helped me a lot in overcoming what i was going through.
Yogesh Keswani
One of the best person I have met who is always ready to help others n guides with best possible ways. Thank you ma'am for ur guidance it really helped me to be better person
Pooja Vidhani
The journey I went through from a loser to a winner was beautiful. Thank you ma'am for walking me through the most beautiful path of life and helping me know my true self. God Bless You 😇🙏
Angel Ahir
whatever shradha does she does very well . she is very dedicated and a big help to society.
One of the finest and most helpful psychologist (counselor)
Dr. Darshan Pitrola
Really genuine consultancy,helped a lot and had a great effect.Very professional and helpful
Neha Gupta
Best personality I have ever met.. impartial, genuine.. she remains neutral and professional. Honest to her job. Thank you ma'am 🙂
Anuradha S
A Councellor who has utmost patience to hear You, with complete attention, focus and understanding your view first by putting herself in your place, than guiding the way ahead by her Calibre being a Combination of Indepth Knowledge, Vast Experience of Life thru All Stages with An Essence of Sprituality Touch into with... Keep up the Spirits !!
Narendra Ramani
A very good human.In her profession she is very good at listening n understanding problem of her clients .She gives her best to bring the output from her practice for d pateint or the person or any issues in front of her. She does this profession or service towards d people as she worship her God. May she always progress.
Prachi Ramani
Very experienced, having good subject knowledge and yes very helpful.
Malay Mehta


Shradha Murarka is the founder of Insight Counseling Center, an experienced Psychological Counselor/Life Coach, an NFNLP USA certified Master NLP Practitioner and  and Transformational trainer.

Over the past 25 years she has helped thousands of people empower themselves in their personal and professional life through workshops and one on one coaching sessions. She uses an integrated approach to therapy and training by combining techniques from Psychotherapy, NLP, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Deep Relaxation as needed for transformation.