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Shradha Murarka, the founder of Insight Counseling Center, is a Psychological Counselor working in the field of mental health since the past 25 yrs. She does personal and online counselling for various mental, emotional and behavioural problems. She has helped with depression, stress, anxiety, fear; relationship and parenting issues; academic, behaviour and adolescent problems etc that people face at different ages and stages of their lives. She also conducts lectures and workshops on various important life skills like positivity, stress management, state management, learning skills, emotional empowerment, parenting skills etc.

Not only is she experienced but also well qualified with a degree in psychology, PG. Dip in Child Psychology and a PG. Dip in Psychological Counseling Skills. She is a certified Energy Healer and Deep Relaxation Therapist. She is also a NFNLP (USA) certified Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach and a Certified Transformation Trainer.

Her USP is that along with traditional psychotherapy she uses techniques from NLP, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Deep Relaxation as needed for transformation. This reflects in change in behaviour – personally, socially, professionally and academically. She helps people make needed changes in ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, in a goal-based cooperative process. This is done by exploring problems, setting realistic goals, and developing strategies and plans necessary to accomplish these goals. The sessions can be conducted both face to face or through video calling.

She has also conducted lectures and workshops on improving various life skills, parenting skills, academic skills etc. The sessions are highly interactive, unique and involve various questionnaires, role-plays, discussions and games to facilitate in depth and hands on learning. She has worked with children, young adults, adults, teachers and professionals customizing her programs to suit the unique challenges that they face.,

4 thoughts on “About us”

  • Tanvi Kailash Uchwani says:

    I was blessed by attending the Self Mastery workshop from 25th May to 29th May, so it is only 1 week ago,

    I will share experience as now I m able to concentrate on solution instead of discussing problem.

    By doing these techniques, one can feel growth in personal life,

    It is not only problem solving but it is proper direction , that what exactly in this rapidly changing time, is the most appreciable

  • Indira Dani says:

    It was indeed a very helpful workshop. The techniques are very Well explained and simple to follow. Have to yet make it a daily practice but I have experienced the immense potential in the teChniques during the workshop. Shradha is a very calm and composed coach and her assurance that she is available for us is very comforting. Thank you Shradha.

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      Thank you Indira. It was a pleasure having you in the workshop. Keep forging ahead with awareness and practice.

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