Positivity Workout: summing up

11 thoughts on “Positivity Workout: summing up”

  • Pooja vidhani says:

    Thanks a lot for guiding me to find myself as it was really difficult to do so without ur helping tools and ur guidance. Right now I am positive n confident to overcome any hurdle in life . I promise that I will pass this positivity and happiness atleast to people around me. Thanks a lot for support. Rab rakha 🙏

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      Thank you Pooja for your wonderful feed back. So glad this program was of help to you. Stay connected for more tools and resources available in the Gyanvan section. God bless

  • Shylaja Mahesh says:

    Thanks for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness, y our advice helped me think through my situation and above all I’m so grateful for your suggestions and will take them to heart.

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      Thank you Shylaja. We tend to get bogged down in our helplessness blaming the situation and people around. I’m so glad you could use these tools to find better options and become more resourceful. Be blessed

  • Rajesh says:

    It was wonderful being a part of the program
    . Hats off to your efforts. thank you so much.

  • Malay Chetan Mehta says:

    Madame thank you very much for these techniques for posotivity, one thing i would love to add is, these techniques not only made me more positive but also flooded my concious with ideas for new articles on gardening and fertilizers. Thank you very much and please continue this good work. God bless you 😊

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      Now that is a unique side effect Malay but possible due to the immense amount of work that you have done with the unconscious. Thank you and be blessed

  • Prachi Ramanie says:

    Dear Shradha..Heartly thanks for a successful positive workout you created for us i guess a success of the learner is the achievement of the Teacher so i congratulate you also for making people happy n positive around you in a period pandemic where many people may be living in anxiety n disturbed.Really ur effort n ur time devotion for people is commendable.thank you..

  • Deepa Ajay Kirpalani says:

    Thank you for the initiative taking by you in such trying times.
    It has helped me to stay calm and positive.
    Your program inspired me to start meditation.
    Thank you 🙏

    I would like to learn more from you to help better my life.

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      Thank you so much Deepa and I’m so glad you have are making meditation a part of your routine. I’ll be sending you the link to the upcoming webinar on your registered number.

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