Online Program on Being Positive

Positivity Workout 

Positivity Workout

Positivity Workout is an in depth transformational program helping one understand underlying psychological and behavioural patterns with tools and techniques to resolve them. While most of us are mostly positive when situations are fine, it is when things are tough that we fall apart. We do not understand why we are constantly thinking negative, or feeling negative or reacting in a less than positive manner.

Rarely do we focus on understanding our underlying psychological patterns as they are largely unconscious and so very unique to every individual. Being aware of what is happening to our energy and thoughts, our feelings and our behavior makes us more resourceful and empowered in our life.

The Positivity Workout program uses tools drawn from meditation, Deep-Relaxation and introspection for an integrated workout of the conscious and unconscious and  the left and right brain to understand individual energy, thought, emotional, and behavioral patterns, making us more effective and empowered.

The links to a few visualizations have been added below for you. Please feel free to use them. They are wonderful means of deep relaxation and meditation. 




For more in depth content and introspective tools please join the program as it is better done under guidance.

10 thoughts on “Online Program on Being Positive”

  • Pragya says:

    Shradha it was a wonderful 10 day positive workout. I feel rejuvenated, more calm and composed. Thanks to you . I am positive and it’s contagious too , so people around me are also feeling better and more positive . Be blessed always 🙌

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      Thank you Pragya. That’s the wonderful part of positivity, the more positive you are the more you pass it on and the more positivity comes back to you. God bless and stay connected

  • Kashmira Mehta says:

    I do believe in omens. This program and mentor Shraddha are omens for me, as being a catalyst to my spiritual path. Gratitude!

  • Shilpa says:

    Well designed program . Making us aware and giving all the power to be positive and maintain positivity. Thank u Shraddha

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      Thank you Shilpa for being an amazing participant. Stay positive

    • Shachi Goenka says:

      A very thoughtful programme for the beginners who don’t know anything about meditation and it really helps to calm the mind and think rightfully. Thank Shraddhadi

  • Rama says:

    I am not at all good in expressing my views in words, hence I am unable to write the outcome and feeling. But infact it was very nice to join you all in these positive sessions.

    Due to my experience to date, I know these deliberations but as you correctly said that in difficult situations we use to forget and get scared temporarily.

    That is why it was an excellent opportunity to again attend this platform to refresh ourselves and to contain our fear and thoughts as and when required.
    Thank u soo much.

    • insightcounselingindia says:

      That was the purpose of this program – to provide objective tools that can be used at any time. Thank you for your participation.

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