Career Test Package


Career test package combines the knowledge of 3 major factors that one needs to know before deciding his future – his aptitude, interest and personality.


Career test package is a specially designed package most relevant for students in the 10th and 12th standard who need to make a decision regarding their subject choices for the next level, which forms the foundation for the rest of their professional life. This is one of the most difficult decisions that a child and his parents ever take as it is mostly unguided and uninformed. Uninformed because though there is no dearth of information today on the internet, there is no awareness of what actually matters.

Every career gives one the option of being successful. But success also means different things to different people. Also there are certain basic things that are required for a person to be successful at anything – his skill and personality that effect his performance and his interest which decides his motivation. Understanding these and then then figuring out a career strategy is a much more practical and sensible way of taking a decision.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to objectively understand what one’s aptitude, personality or interest is as most people relate aptitude to academic scores which are not the most reliable indicators and have no clue what their personality is. The interest, are also seen as temporary, and not really reliable. So in the absence of this understanding most people rely on the experience of their parents or family or friends or teachers or …………

The Career test package is a combination of three reliable and standardized tests which measures one’s aptitude, personality and interest. Each test is scored individually and then a comprehensive result is formulated keeping all three in mind. During the counseling any special needs, demands or circumstances are also dealt with to come up with a clear and practical plan which the student can then follow.

This package begins with a pre-test counselling session with the parents and the child where the choices, aspirations, limitations and conditions are discussed. After this comes the test of the child where only he needs to come. In the follow up session the results are discussed with the parents and the child and a tentative decision is taken. Normally the whole process would involve more than 6 hours with 1 hour of pre discussion, 3 hours of testing and about 2 hours of post discussion.

This package is most relevant for students in the 10th and 12th standard or for anyone who finds himself at a crossroad professionally.



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