Self Mastery Quest


Self Mastery Quest, an extended learning program, to keep you on track and motivated with new techniques discussions and guidance to keep you transforming and evolving.

Become that which does not grow …….. DIES

Details of the Self Mastery Quest:

Duration: 90 minutes live session

Time: Live Sessions 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Charges: Rs. 1,000 per session / Rs. 10,000 for Annual subscription

Includes: Practical techniques, in-depth discussions and tons of fun


Introduction to Self Mastery 

Self Mastery Quest is an extended learning program for those who have completed the Self Mastery Workshop and want to continue with their Self Growth. These are 90 minutes sessions which include new techniques and discussion to gain and increase clarity.  Also for those who want to stay connected and motivated.

Who should attend the Self Mastery Quest?

Anyone who has done Self Mastery and wants to go beyond. Learn more…….. Experiment more……….. Do more………….


How do these Sessions  work?

These are stand alone sessions to take your exploration and learning deeper with new topics and techniques and discussion of  previous techniques to understand their relevance and to keep them usable.  The participants can also decide what they would like to work on in the next session. 

What are the benefits I can expect?

  • Continue working on yourself 
  • Stay motivated
  • Stay connected to your tribe
  • Work on issues you are facing with guidance
  • Keep evolving

Additional information

Booking for

Single session, Annual Subscription


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