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Introducing Self Mastery, a workshop to help you get the transformation that you need to lead an effective, successful life, both personally and professionally.

Become the master of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavior, because when you master you do not need to control…..

This life changing workshop is designed to enable you to find solutions to the following situations:

  • Feeling stuck in negative and pessimistic thought cycles
  • Feeling at the mercy of your anger, hurt, sorrow, or fear
  • Feeling your behavior is controlled by situations/people around you

What do you think is better – trying to control the situation or trying to controlling your reaction?

(Controlling the people who make you angry Vs Controlling your anger)

And what do you think is even better – Controlling your reaction or mastering your reaction

(controlling your anger Vs changing your perspective or they way you express your anger)

Do you think it is time now for you to become the master of your thoughts, feelings and life?

Details of the Self Mastery Workshop (English):

Duration: 8 hours live session + 4 project work over 4 days

Dates: To be announced

Time: Live Sessions 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Charges: Rs. 4,500/- includes on call assistance, 2 free group follow up sessions, PDF of techniques


Introduction to Self Mastery 

Self mastery is a live, online 4-day workshop, that will take you beyond complex theory to learn practical, powerful tools drawn from psychotherapy, energy healing, mindfulness and NLP, to help you achieve transformation and be your own Guide.

Who should attend Self Mastery?


Irrespective of your age or gender, educational qualification, whether you are a student a professional or a home maker, if you want to break free of your limiting thoughts and behavior then this workshop is for you.

If you want to learn to consciously act instead of react, express instead of suppress, master situations instead of controlling them then this workshop is for you.

If you want to overcome stress, negative thought cycle, stuck emotions and unpleasant behavior that leave you feeling helpless and dis-empowered then it is for you.

You can also do this workshop if you want to understand and proactively work on your limiting beliefs, controlling thoughts and emotions to become more effective personally, professionally and socially.

How do these technique work?

While we think that all our behavior is planned and decided logically by our thinking mind, it is not so. It is usually directed by our subconscious mind and powered by our energy.  And that is the reason why it is so difficult for us to change ourselves consciously, why even after knowing what has to be done to change, we usually are not able to do so. The tools that you learn in this workshop will help you change your mental, emotional and behavioral patterns by clearing the energy blocks and resetting the pathways in your subconscious. Can you now see yourself transforming into the Super you?

 What are the tools that you will learn in Self Mastery?

In this workshop you will learn Energy techniques to clear blocks and detoxify yourself energetically, mindfulness and meditation techniques to relax and create space for transformation to happen and NLP techniques to change neural pathways to break unconscious patterns so new and effective behavior becomes effortless.

What are the benefits I can expect?



  • Act with awareness
  • Be balanced and calm
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic
  • Be the master of your thoughts and emotions
  • Be confident and effective
  • Get clarity in life
  • Work with different dimensions effectively
  • Change old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Gain clarity in relationship


  • Get clarity in role and communicate effectively
  • Be more creative and innovative in work
  • Be more attentive and understanding
  • Become goal oriented
  • Get clarity in actions and consequences
  • Change old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving

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2 reviews for Self Mastery Workshop

  1. Sandhya

    Quite interesting and informative

    • insightcounselingindia

      Thank you Sandhya

  2. Malay Mehta

    The Best Workshop for transformation. This workshop brought to surface the confidence that any situation is under your control through self mastery. This workshop effectively gives you back your control. Highly recommended. Thank you Insight for bringing up this wonderful workshop. The Icing on the cake was the expertise and confidence of the trainer in her subject. The techniques were such that they can be used in any situation that is the added benefit and they provide ready reference notes in just in case I need them. Much recommended and very useful for people from all walks of life.

    • insightcounselingindia

      Thank you Malay. I hope these techniques will help you lead a much more effective and successful life both personally and professionally.

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