Psychological Testing

Psychological testing or psychological assessments are instruments used to measure how much of a specific psychological trait/behaviour/pattern an individual has. Psychological tests are used to assess many areas, including:

  • Personality Traits such as introversion and extroversion
  • Certain conditions such as depression and anxiety
  • Intelligence, aptitude and achievement such as verbal intelligence and reading achievement
  • Attitudes and feelings such as how individuals feel about the treatment that they received from their therapists
  • Interests such as the careers and activities that a person is interested in
  • Specific abilities, knowledge or skills such as cognitive ability, memory and problem-solving skills

Psychological testing provide a way to formally and accurately measure different factors that can contribute to people’s problems. Before a psychological test is administered, the individual being tested is usually interviewed. In addition, it is common for more than one psychological test to be administered in certain settings.

The results obtained through Psychological testing not only help in understanding the problem better, they also help in providing better solutions, whether it deciding a course of action or to work on the patterns of thought/behaviour causing the problem.

At Insight we offer standardised Psychological Testing to measure I.Q., E.Q., Adjustment, Aptitude, Interest and Personality to help in Career decisions; to find out what area of life a person is dissatisfied with, why and how it can be resolved; to figure out the reason for academic problems and what can be done about them. this not only leads to better resolution of problems but also faster results.

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