Stress Test Scores

Stress test

Please follow the values below to find your Stress Test scores:

Que No.If 0If  1If  2If 3If 4

Now add up the score

If your Stress Test scores are between 0 and 13 –

You are doing a great job. You have managed to find a way to sail through life’s ups and downs without too many emotional ups and downs. Keep up the good work and if you feel like it, do share your destress secrets in the comments section here.

If your Stress Test scores are between 14 and 26 –

While you are feeling moderately stressed, you are managing to stay afloat. But now would be a good time to proactively think about dealing with the monster while it is still a baby. We have free videos and blogs to get you started. Also, there are one on one coaching sessions and group workshops if you feel a little bogged down.

If your Stress Test scores are between 27 and 40 –

Reach out for the lifejackets. You know you are sinking and don’t know how to save yourself. Grab our hand whether through our free resources, the one on one sessions or the group workshops. We customise them as per your needs.

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